Anthem Medicare Insurance

Anthem is one of the largest medical insurance corporations in the United States of America. Back in 1980, American General Insurance split off Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield Insurance Company.

In 2004, Anthem BCBS merged with WellPoint, making WellPoint the actual insurance company, and the Anthem name the brand under which they marketed health plans from individual health to Medicare health products.

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Anthem Medicare – 3 Basic Medicare Insurance Plan Offerings.

There are basically 3 types of insurance products that most carriers offer to the senior market, they are Medicare Health Plans (Part C or Medicare Advantage), Medicare Supplemental Plans, and Part-D Prescription Drug plans.

You won’t be able to apply for an Anthem branded Medicare insurance policy in all 50 states, they only market in the follows regions:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans

If you happen not to be familiar with how an Anthem Medicare Supplement or Medigap policy works, here’s a basic primer. A senior has Part A (hospitalization coverage) and Part B (doctor services, labs, & anything outpatient).

That’s great coverage, but without some type of insurance plan to help pick up the balance, a Medicare beneficiary would still be responsible for Hospital Deductibles and the 20% of Part B charges that Medicare Part A & B do not cover.

A Supplement to Medicare is going to pay what a senior is responsible for, either completely or a portion, depending on the plan selected. Keep in mind this does not include outpatient prescription drugs, which is a separate plan called “Part-D”.

medigap plan comparison

We put in a sample quote for comparison purposes, and in zip code 90210 (CA) Anthem offered the following Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policies:

  • High Deductible Plan F – Same as a regular Plan F, but in exchange for about the 1/3 the rate of a plain ol’ Plan F, the consumer is responsible for a deductible before this type of Medigap policy pays any of the expenses Original Medicare Part’s A & B doesn’t cover.
  • Plan F – The “Cadillac Plan” of Medicare Supplements, this will cover all Medicare approved expenses not paid for by Medicare. Naturally prescriptions drugs are a separate insurance plan.
  • Plan A – Pretty much just covers the Part A hospital deductible. We don’t know ANYONE who has bought a Plan A policy. Simply not worth the expense, considering it’s usually more expense than the more comprehensive Plan F or Plan N from Anthem. Most likely due to the fact that not many seniors are on this plan, thus there’s no “new blood” coming in to offset claims for those who are on this plan.
  • Plan N – A nice cost effective Medigap plan if Plan F isn’t in cards due to cost or prior rate increases. The primary difference between a Plan N from Anthem and a Plan F, is that Plan N does not cover the Part B deductible of $104.90 for most consumers for 2013, like Plan F does, and doctor visits are a copay of up to $20 a visit and ER visits are up to $50 a visit. Those are the basic differences, and with a cost savings are 30-50% on average compared to Plan F, many senior Medicare insurance shoppers are gravitating to the more cost effective option – Anthem Plan N.


Medicare Advantage Plans – Part C

Most medical insurance clients will choose between and Medigap policy + Part-D Prescrition Drug Card or a Part C Medicare Advantage Health Plan that includes RX coverage from Anthem Medicare.

medicare advantageYou may ask why someone would want a Medicare Advantage Health Plan vs a Medigap policy from Anthem, and the answer primarily boils down to economics.

If you can’t afford the premiums for a Medicare Supplement plus a Part-D card, in addition to your monthly Part-B premium, then a MAPD plan plus Part-B makes a lot of sense for Seniors.

We did a comparison for the 90210 market from the Anthem Medicare website, they offered 2 HMO and 1 PPO MAPD’s.

Both HMO options were $0 premium plans, which is quite common with HMO MAPD’s, since they can control costs, the PPO option was a minimal premium under $30/month.

The thing to consider when choosing between the different MAPD options from Anthem, is the following:

  • Is my doctor in the network?
  • What is my maximum out of pocket exposure?
  • Are my medications covered? And what is the cost?
  • What are the copays for the main services like doctor visits/hospital stays?
  • Am I covered out of network and what is the cost?

These are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself when comparing any Medicare Advantage Health Plan, not just one insured by Anthem.

Here are the highlights for the three MA Health Plans that came up for the 90210 zip code from Anthem Medicare:

  • Anthem Medicare Preferred Standard PPO – $4500 Max Out Of Pocket, $15 Copay PCP/$45 Copay Specialists In-Network, $800 Copay per hospital stay, $0 Copay for Wellness covered under Original Medicare.
  • Anthem Medicare Senior Secure Plan I HMO – $4000 Max Out Of Pocket, $5 Copay PCP/$30 Copay Specialists, $150 daily hospital copay/First 7 days , $0 Copay Wellness Visits
  • Anthem Medicare Senior Secure Plan II HMO – $4000 Max Out Of Pocket, $0 Copay PCP/$5 Copay Specialists, $35 Copay Daily Hospital Stay/First 5 days , $0 Copay Wellness Visits


Anthem Part-D Stand Alone Drug Plans

Part-DUsing that same zip code as from the prior two examples, we found that Anthem Medicare offering 3 stand-alone prescription drug plans:

  • Blue Cross Medicare Standard – The basic entry level plan to Anthem’s Part-D offerings for 2013. $325 deductible for RX. 6 Tier Drug Plan 2/6/39/85/25%/25%
  • Blue Cross MedicareRx Plus – Middle of the road, no rx deductible. Also 6 tiers of copays, 2/7/45/90/95/33%.
  • Blue Cross MedicareRx Gold- The most benefit rich and also with the highest premium, no rx deductible, 6 tiers 2/7/45/90/95/33%.


When you are looking at obtaining a Part-D drug plan to help pay for outpatient medications, there are a few things you should consider, such as :

  • Is my local pharmacy in the network?
  • What will medication cost? What tier does my drugs fall under?
  • Will my total out of pocket be less with another plan?
  • Can I take generic vs brand drugs to lower my costs?


What’s Next?

Now that you know the basic plan offerings than Anthem Medicare markets, it’s time to get an instant rate quote for a Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage or Part-D Prescription Drug Plan by entering your zip code in the box at the top of the website and clicking the submit button. Within 10 seconds, you will be presented with at least 5-10 options to compare for your Medicare Insurance needs.

* We are not affiliated with Anthem or WellPoint Insurance Companies in any form whatsoever. This website has been created to simply give anyone an unbiased understanding on the basics of Anthem Medicare plans.